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Teaching begins with accepting you don't know everything.

Van Leucia has been educating and workshopping for over 10 years, understanding that everyone has their own background, goals, and learning needs - something rarely attended to in the classroom or seminar with 20+ students.

Whether it be 1-to-1 instrumental tuition or larger scale workshops for songwriters and producers, Van endeavours to accommodate everybody's needs, and ensures that full comprehension is achieved by the end of every session.

Instrumental Tuition

Van Leucia is an accredited music teacher with countless successful students going on to fulfill their musical goals, enter tertiary studies within the creative arts, and pursue a

full-time career in the music industry.

AMEB/ABRSM Grading, Popular Music, Film/TV/Game Soundtracks, and many more forms of education are offered for the below instruments:


(Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk etc)


(EDM, Modern Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Sound Design etc.)


(Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Country, Jazz, Metal etc. 6-8 strings)


(Jazz, Latin, Rock, Metal, Fingered/Picked, 4-6 String)

Production Coaching

The internet is full of 'tips and tricks', 'how to do this' and 'sound just like THAT producer', but that doesn't necessarily translate to being able to conjure the exact sound you're hearing in your head. Van Leucia has had extensive experience producing Electronic, Ambient, Metal, Worship, and many more genres, so don't hesitate to enquire for some coaching sessions! Training begins with refining the hearing for the necessary detail, providing terminology for the intended effects, and reverse-engineering sounds, before transforming that into free creative production.

Tuition Fees

In the age of the internet, knowledge is free, but quality teaching is still more valuable than gold

Instrumental Lesson


Per Hr, Pro-Rata

$40/half hr lesson

1-to-1 dedicated lesson

Lesson length scaled to student needs

In-person and online classes available

From beginners to advanced students

Contact to organise a single/batch of lessons!

Production Coaching


Per Session

Learn how to produce, not just copy a tutorial!

2hr session, using student's gear for applicability

Critical listening for detail and nuance

Reverse-engineering sounds, designing new tones

From EDM to modern Metal, every creative possibility

Get in touch to book a session!