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Van Leucia Official

The Studio

Experience speaks volumes and with over 10 years working in the recording industry, 6 of which in operation of his own studio, Van Leucia guarantees a professional product you'll not only be ecstatic about, but a special, creative work that will continue to 'wow' people years into the future.

Featuring the premium 56i/o Fireface 800 interface from RME and 24-track Tascam US-2400 mixing desk, Van can track up to 28 inputs simultaneously into his Pro Tools 12 software, with 28 sends to outboard gear, headphone mixes and foldback (for rehearsal purposes).

This means, without any wizardry involved, you'll be able to record two guitarists, a keyboardist, the lead vocals, backing vocals, bass and a 7-piece drumkit without a sweat and still have enough inputs to run your instrumentalists' effects directly into Pro Tools for later tweaks, if necessary.

With a modified, crystalline pre-amp stage and boosted computer processor, there's practically zero noise and zero latency from the mics/inputs; this means you can go straight from tuning up and soundcheck to recording your next hit track!

Amongst a variety of in-studio keyboards and synth units, Van Leucia can produce the sounds you need to get the perfect lead, bass, arp and/or pad for your track. Brands like Roland, Korg, Kawai and Yamaha feature prominently in Van's productions.

That's not all, though. With advanced multi-sampling technology and award-winning software instruments, Van can record your playing through MIDI into his program and then select the sounds you need to create the ultimate atmostphere, whether that be through sweeping orchestral strings, a punchy jazz bass or trippy aetherisers.

Even if the compositional ability isn't in your grasp, just hire Van as a session keyboardist and he'll find the perfect lines for your track!

Been practising on a sadly undersized amp? Or is your amp just too big to lug to the studio every session? Van can get your guitar parts tracked without a problem, with the veritable wall of amplifiers available for use - see the gearlist at the bottom for more details!.

Worried about your bass? Not to worry; with Hartke HA3500 tone-blending amplifier and custom made whopping 18" cab, Van will tune your bass to perfection, whether you're after distorted double-picked chugs or slap-funk lines.

A carefully curated myriad of singular effects pedals from killer brands such as TC Electronics, MXR, Mooer, Moen and Morley are available in addition to the comprehensive library of effects found in the Positive Grid Bias software. World-class rack/head amp effects are also at your disposal, featuring Line 6, Fender, Bugera, Engl, Vox, Randall and more!

The choice to use the in-studio amp(s) is to be made at your discretion, as you undoubtedly love the tone you're getting already!

If neither option is to your liking, Van has installed within Pro Tools a number of amp modelling plugins that effectively recreate the sound of such amazing tones as the Marshall cabs and Orange heads in today's recordings, like Positive Grid's BIAS, Native Instruments' Guitar Rig and more.

Van Leucia's smoke-free studio is primarily a multi-channel recording and mixing environment, but that doesn't mean that the auditary and visual experience has to detract in any way.

With a pair of near-field Fostex PM8.4.1 monitor speakers, multiple listening contexts (including an Auratone clone) and a fully acoustically-treated recording space, Van will make sure that your tracks are radio-ready and, of course, uniform across all platforms of the listening experience.

Using premium hardware from Neve, Universal Audio, Aphex, Dizengoff, FMR, ART, Behringer, Swamp Industries and industry-leading mixing and mastering plugins (Waves, Bluetubes, AIR and many others), Van will ensure that you get as solid, punchy and clear a sound as is possible. If you're still not convinced (somehow), he'll refer you to an external mastering studio.

The recording space, 6mx7m, can currently comfortably fit up to 10 musicians in the studio simultaneously. The control room is air-conditioned and kitchen facilities are provided in the adjacent lounge area.


Van Leucia Productions is also proudly supported by Swamp Industries, an Australian company based in Canberra and is, likewise, proud to feature their range of studio gear, PA equipment and microphones! In fact, you'll find all of the superb iSK range available on their website.

Interested? Head to the webstore and remember to contact Van Leucia directly to book your studio time.

Can't make a decision just yet? Save the Rate Card to refer to later when you're curious again!

Also, you can check out more photos of the studio and keep up with the fun at