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Remote Mix (Multitrack, EP of 6 songs)


Got your songs recorded at your favourite studios but can't afford their exorbitant mixing rates or attend the mix session? Send Van Leucia your multitracked files (cloud storage, USB in the mail, even tape reels will do) and we'll deliver cohesive, punchy and dynamic mixes ready for mastering! Delivery will come in the form of high quality 24bit 44.1khz WAV files in your email that you'll be able to take to a mastering engineer of your choice (or continue the working relationship and let VLP master the files to industry standard!).


With a plethora of phenomenal hardware and cutting-edge plugins, Van Leucia will ensure that your songs will be given the star treatment it deserves. Up to 4 major revisions will be permitted per song in the interests of maintaining sanity on both sides. After that point, another remote mix will need to be negotiated, and you'll be able to keep every revision in case you want a reference B-side.


Feeling skeptical? Check out lp-remote-mixes to change your tune.

Contact Van Leucia at to organise sending your files over!

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