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Web Store

Recording Session (6hrs)

$390.00 $420.00

Need to record your first/next hit single and have a band at the ready? Or maybe you're a multi-instrumentalist artist with aspirations and 2 hours just won't cut it? This is the session length for you. More time in the studio means more attention to detail and definitely room to play with mixing and optional mastering (seperate flat charge).

This session length is recommended for projects involving 10 people or less, and multitracking is a possibility depending on the number of layers required. The most common client will be a 5-piece band, with an average of two songs ready to record and an excellent demo to present at the end of the session.

Services include:

All Access Gear Hire (every instrument, amp and piece of software will be at your disposal; yes, EVERY! Check the gearlist for a comprehensive look at what Van Leucia has in-studio)


Detailed Mixing (Analog EQ/Compression, spatial placement, some digital FX if required/requested)

Overtime is charged at $70/hr (if bought on sale).

Enter your name/dates of availability to book your session.

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