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Purchasing time in the studio does not guarantee you an instant booking in the studio; sessions are subject to availability and it will be on you to contact Van Leucia to organise your session(s).

Conditions of purchase:

Recorded material is the client’s responsibility, in both compositional and technical aspects; if additional parts are outside of the client’s ability to perform, Van Leucia may be utilised as a session musician (rather than as an active contributor, and as such relinquishes all respective rights to the composition of the track).

If the client wishes to use a 3rd party as a contributor or joint party (in that they actively declare that they will contribute a significant portion of the music, such as, but not restricted to, the entire drum track or bass line), said contributor must sign a contract in agreement with the client, and earnings will be split as agreed amongst the two parties. If any session musician is found to be contributing to the track(s) to this effect, they must agree to sign this contract as an active contributor and will receive an even split of the songwriting royalties. In such an event, a new contract will not be required, but instead, a revision will suffice, with signatures from all active contributors.

In the event of a session being cancelled on the client's behest, the client will be required to pay for the full booking of the session (unless more than 48 hours' notice has been given/proof of illness via doctor's certificate/extenuating circumstances). In the event of a session being cancelled on Van Leucia's behest, the client will not be required to pay anything for that particular booking, and a complementary hour will be added to the next booking.

If the client is tardy to their session, they will be required to pay the full booking nonetheless, and any extra time spent in the studio will be charged at a constant rate of $70/hr. If Van Leucia is tardy to a session, the client will not be required to pay for the time lost and will be credited an hour on top of the session's extension.


All Recording Studio Session
$390.00 $420.00
$720.00 $840.00
$1,080.00 $1,260.00